Edwin F Becker, Best Selling Author

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Welcome to E. Becker's Author Page

Ed Becker is a best selling author, speaker, consultant to those in paranormal need, and radio guest AND host!


               What People are saying:

Bookends review: "Edwin F. Becker is an author of...six gripping tales of horror, that includes True Haunting, which is featured on our Best Sellers list and various other Best Sellers lists, including Amazon. If you are looking for a chilling tale, you can pick any one of his titles..."

Richard A. Moore in a Florida Times newspaper review: "[True Haunting] is the scariest true story I have ever read, bar none...the suspense, fear, and terror is unrelenting!"

Katie Lynn Whitaker from the Ebook Examiner: "True Haunting spits in the face of paranormal skeptics...while having a slow start, and the slightest urge to disengage, remember, patience is a virtue. Having wanted to remain true to his tale of a perplexing and devious haunting that took place under his roof, Becker stiffs publishing houses and puts this nonfiction book out upon the market on his own in order to retain absolute and perfect truth in every word. This is a rare and amiable quality for authors whose topic is that of the tricky and sticky paranormal...embellishment is not required for this eBook to make you feel as if Becker’s malicious spirits are going to crawl through the pages and into your life."

Jonathon Brandmeier of WGN Radio: "This home is the first time they televised an exorcism....this is the first time...to me, that's historical...there had to be like, three channels at the time--it had to be amazing!"


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True Haunting! AMAZON  BEST  SELLER!!!

The birth of televised paranormal!




            1970 The birth of paranormal!!!

The first ever paranormal event televised!