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Fan of ghost hunting?

             Answers to the most common Questions!


    Paranormal Witness  

"The Tenants"

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Only The Book has the full story


We were proud to be the season two 90 minute finale.PW did an amazing job, but no one could have told our story in 63 minutes. So here are few answers to questions that seem common about the episode.


1- The episode is not titled "True Haunting" for it is highly abbreviated and made up from a brief part of the book.


2- April had a husband who was a hulking Irishman that eventually became a Chicago policeman. He was a nonbeliever and mocked my fears at times. She also had two children. They sort of bullied their way in because it was close to his job at that time, PLUS, I knew nothing of Dan’s experiences and divorce. As far as I knew, we alone had the major problem in our apartment and the basement.


3- April was not found in an alley, she was eventually found living with a strange group of people in Cicero, IL.


4- Marsha and I did not drive away without our baby!


5- No, I will never give out the exact address and was deceiving in my book as to the location. However, with emails from readers, I can state with authority that there are many other like buildings have activity in this 100+ year old neighborhood where they once held funerals in the living rooms!


6- As a medium pointed out to me, because I addressed these invisible entities, is no proof who was responding. Her theory? That I was dealing with the original owners of the land the house was built on.


7- Those that read the book know that PW left out some of the most compelling segments, including the full apparitions. My hopes is that in the future the whole story will be told.


8- We never invited NBC in, and never, ever wanted publicity. Psychic Joseph DeLouise had released his book and knew a priest that had an NBC radio show. NBC asked Joseph if they could cover it. We agreed simply because he was helping us at his time and expense and were grateful. We shunned all publicity  and never made, nor wanted a penny. We ran from publicity for years. PW does not buy their stories. They only reenact and report true experiences within a limited time frame. 


9- The Verdere name was made up by Paranormal Witness.


 10- Who was Dan White?? He was not in the book because he could not be found and is referred to as "Dave." Dan was our first tenant and surfaced with a horrible story of events that Marsha and I were never aware of. Should there be a True Haunting II, Dan and his wife's torment will fill a few compelling chapters.



Paranormal Witness did a magnificent job with what they did present. They took very few liberties other than highly abbreviating. In fact, in viewing, I became a bit emotional as I revisited my dreams and optimism that was dashed in this experience. PW is a professional and very classy organization. Although I did not want to do this story and refused initially, eventually between my granddaughters urging, and the PW people being so considerate of our feelings, I changed my mind. It was great therapy!