Edwin F Becker, Best Selling Author

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 Things That Bug Me!

“If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn't matter a damn how you write”
--Somerset Maugham


 Stupid is as stupid  does.

What is paranormal? I laugh, because so many people in the media just don’t get it. Paranormal simply can’t be explained, not today and not 43 years ago when we became the first ever paranormal event taken seriously. People representing themselves as experts…just aren’t. They are building a “media” image and nothing more. No one yet has found the answers, or even how to easily identify a ghost, demon, poltergeist, or whatever else is out there. No, you do not need night vision goggles, as ghosts don’t have clocks. The line between “demonic” and “malevolent” behavior is still clouded with opinion. I commend this people that have dedicated themselves the expanding the science, or healing those that have been emotionally scarred, but those that are strictly using it for entertainment and turning this subject into a carnival be damned. You do not toy with these things. You do not antagonize them. When you have seen as many lives ruined as we have, you truly understand. Do you want a good scare??? See a Hollywood movie and don’t mess with the real thing. The real thing is not so scary on the surface, but presents just as much danger and does not go away after you finish your popcorn.



I’m just a storyteller

As a writer at my age, with my upbringing and experience, life has exposed me to many characters, some good and some bad. In this world where our society is so fragmented whether by religion, politics, economic standards, color, gender preference, and ethnicity, it makes for interesting writing. However, why so many readers want to attribute my characters directly to my personal beliefs baffles me? I have been accused of many things, but at least not yet of being a vampire! If my writing has stirred up emotion, made one think, or just taken one away from reality, I am happy.  I refuse to bow to the cyber bullies that criticize and are forcing writers to remain politically correct. Our world is not politically correct. I have never seen a society with so many lines drawn in the sand. My work at times reflects that, but only mirrors what I see in our society.  My characters may be elitists, murderers, racists, bigots, drug addicts, homophobes, old, young, etc.. BUT, they are not me. Is it any wonder why so many celebrities are writing children’s books? Much safer.


A review is a review…unless it is BS!

All I can say on this controversial subject is that readers rule. Readers dictate what they like......period. Traditional Publishing houses think they can criticize and bully independent writers. What bigger fraud is they are paying thousands of dollars to big name reviewers to give a quote that can be published on the back cover of their books? Or, calling a book an “Instant Best Seller” when all of us in the industry know that sales results are so far lagging that no determination is possible for months! Whether done by a “Big” publisher, or self published, no reviews can sell a bad book. How dumb do they think the public is? Every celebrity’s book is a New York Times Best Seller?........Duh! Tradition Publishers should embrace the fact that with self publishing, new voices are being heard and stimulating what was a dying industry! Shame on them!!!



Quit price fixing on e-books!!!


Give the little guy a break!

Famous name authors and even a major bookstore have been caught leaving negative reviews on new independent authors. Just sad!