Edwin F Becker, Best Selling Author

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True Haunting 2-soft cover, signed


I never like sequels to nonfiction stories. I always feel they should be told in full. But, here I am writing a sequel, which I like to call a companion.

You see, when I wrote True Haunting, I could not contact many of the people involved, so it was a great surprise when Dan White, my first tenant contacted me. He agreed to appear in our Paranormal Witness episode "The Tenants" which turned out to be a record breaking season two finale. We were happy to see him but were not prepared for the story he told. As our tenant, we knew they had encounters, but not near the extent that he related. We were shocked to hear that living on Campbell Street had literally ruined his marriage and threw his life into chaos. The paranormal experiences that he and his wife had were shocking.

I knew at that time True Haunting was missing a few chapters. I also had gotten hundreds of emails asking; How did Marsha survive being there all day? It may sound strange, but I really didn't know, for as a young man, I faced most activity with rationalization or denial. Not being able to control our situation, I pretended much of the time that it simply did not exist, or I vented with anger at these things I could not see or confront. One thing for sure was that I did not want to hear from Marsha about things that I could not protect her from. So she had a story that went untold until now. Then there was our final tenant, Mrs. Scott. Her behavior was very strange, but I left it completely out of the book as I did not see what is now so obvious and that was that any woman that resided in that first floor apartment became affected.....in a bad way. Myra, Ellen, April, Mrs. Scott, and I would bet Ron Benson's wife, all paid the price for living there.

Finally, is the true story of how we escaped and who I believe in my heart was responsible. A set of the most unlikely and unusual circumstances aligned perfectly at a time when I was at my breaking point that I believe was no accident or coincidence. You see there are two sides to the paranormal and we sampled the absolute positive. This is True Haunting 2. I let Marsha's memory flow and did not correct some of the timelines that may not agree exactly with True Haunting, since she is looking back 45 years. What we will always agree on is the events and affect of what we experienced.


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