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Eaten Alive???

Earl Mason was your average small town pharmacist whose hidden sideline was manufacturing Methamphetamine for the largest drug dealer in southwest Missouri. In a failed attempt to improve his meth recipe and give these emaciated drug addicts a case of the munchies, he adds a powerful hunger enzyme that alters and damages their brain. It creates uncontrollable aggression and hunger which is focused solely on their species. They want human flesh! In effect, he creates a mindless cannibal that is stronger, faster, and impervious to pain. As the problem manifests, read how each drastically different town, with varying law enforcement resources attempts to deal with, and contain the problem. What would you do if 911 was busy? Written as a novel, the premise has turned out to be prophetic as evidenced in recent news headlines. They blame “bath salts.” However, one of the main ingredients is methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV.) The key is the first four letters…..Meth. This drug when mixed with a number of other chemicals can produce unimaginable effects on the hypothalamus part of the brain. Ever wonder why an anti-depressant can have the contradictory side effect of suicide? Simply because dousing the hypothalamus with chemicals can be unpredictable, and a known fact in the pharmaceutical and medical communities. So the human behavior I describe has already occurred when a man ate another man’s face in Miami, then cannibalism in Canada, then Louisiana. So who is next? Did you ever wonder what could be more horrifying then a zombie? Reality!

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