Edwin F Becker, Best Selling Author

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DeathWalker II: A Vampire's Domain


This continues the DeathWalker series.

Pursued by a professor that knows that vampires exist in our modern society, Christian the 100 year old vampire and his new mate Katherine decide to relocate. Their choice? Branson, Missouri; a thriving city in the middle of wilderness surrounded by mountain caves and a rotating daily population that makes feeding easy. The problem? This domain already is occupied by resident vampires and a werewolf only thought to be Ozark folklore.

       This is a vampire that is the mould of tradition. No, he will not sparkle or walk in the daytime. No, he does not desire to socialize, and views humans only as food. The author goes outside the box in making this vampire a fish out of water in that he has existed on the fringe of our urban cities and only his new mate acquaints him with the modern world.  This series has horror, a bit of humor and a subtext that speaks of our current society that may make one think about who the real monsters are? Although book two of the series, DeathWalker II stands on its own. It will leave you wanting book three!

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