Edwin F Becker, Best Selling Author

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DeathWalker A Vampire's Vengeance



Ted Scott isa successful journalist who has decided to concentrate on his life goal—writinghis own novel. A moonlit walk in Minnesota quickly turns deadly when he comesface-to-face with a nightmare of epic proportions—a real vampire! Afraid toadmit what he has actually encountered and intent on finding the truth, hebegins exploring recent deaths, missing persons cases, and even local Indianlegends. In the end, he cannot deny the proof that keeps building in front ofhis eyes—proof that leaves him facing the battle of his life.

      Christian is a century-old vampire whohas been with his mate, Anne, since the day he became one of the undead. Whenshe is killed on what should have been a routine nightly feeding, Christian isthrown into a fit of rage and finds himself driven by a new hunger—revenge.

       As Ted begins building an army of vampire hunters,Christian’s unpredictable nature leaves a haunting trail of death. As Christianand Ted continue searching for each other, and for some answers, Ted scramblesto save those closest to him. At the same time, Christian spends all his energyto avenging the death of his one true love, and reestablishing the eternalserenity that he so longs to find.

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