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True Haunting Signed!


24 year old Ed Becker purchases a house for himself and his expecting wife; a two-flat apartment building, which would allow them to live in one apartment and rent the other. What Ed doesn't know, is that there are already tenants residing in this building that he cannot evict...

    Skeptical and street-smart, Ed has a difficult time coming to the realization that this apartment is home to the paranormal.  As tensions begin to build between his spouse and himself, he attributes the stress to the new life style they had accumulated, as both property owners and new parents. Coupled with the efforts of working long hours and restoring a dilapidated home, Ed ignores the unusual happenings that have no viable explanation. And what happens when something that wants to be noticed goes unacknowledged?  Things escalate...

    Read this hauntingly true story of one ofthe earliest televised exorcisms in the nation. Interviewed and reported bynationally known Washington reporter, Carole Simpson, and conducted by nationally known psychic, Joseph DeLouise and exorcist, Rev. William Derl-Davis. Go behind the scenes of the known history of this truly haunted home, and the family that can never leave it.

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