Edwin F Becker, Best Selling Author

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A Trip Back in Time


A Trip Back in Time is a  wonderful novel for all ages! A heartwarming story where a grandfather takes his granddaughter, LeeAnn,  away from 2010 in the Ozarks, back to when he was her age--in 1956, Chicago, back to a time of nickel pop and penny candy! As he relives some of the most enduring (and painful) memories, LeeAnn explores what seems to be a totally different world. No cell phones, no iPods, and no pop-tarts!

Is this some kind of dream? Or is it real? Follow LeeAnn as she journeys through 1956 Chicago, enjoying activities such as train hopping, penny pitching, bottle trading, and exploring the old black-and-white television programs such as Winky Dink and The Mickey Mouse Club. Seeing how it was for children during this time, versus the support and lifestyle she now receives in present-day, is a huge eye-opener for a pre-teen with a lot on her mind.

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