Pictures of the family Pictures of the family Thanksgiving 2009 What a blessing! Family and adopted family and friends! 90772375 Krystal This photot taken by Katherine belongs in a magazine. 90772360 Two of my girls Krystal and AshLee 90782082 My Beloved Madeline This photo captures the wonder of Christmas, through a child's eyes 90782083 Peter Pan Can't say enough about the performance of Kathy Rigby. She also treated my girls as family! 90782084 God's gifts 90799541 Flying like Peter Pan Yes, our Krystal flew like Peter Pan, thanks to Kathy Rigby! 95701873 Kathy Rigby loved our Madeline! Our three year old Madeline got to meet and hug Peter Pan! 95701875 PAPA is #1 150747134 Our Treasures 150747135 My Youngest and her Paco 150747461 My dearest Madeline 157337923 Family fun We love them, we spoil them AND then we send them home! 150747462 LeeAnn is teaching me to be a :Dude" 157337924 God's gifts 157337925 Family outing with Officer Chris! 157337928 66th birthday! 164338027 playing for my girls 190676128 Christmas 2013 190676129 Going shopping with Nana! 199016016 Getting together 199016019