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Paranormal Or Abnormal?

Posted by Ed Becker on February 10, 2018 at 2:55 PM

                        When does Paranormal become Abnormal?

What is happening in the paranormal community? I find myself moving away from a mystery that seems to be turning into a circus rather than a science. Too me it appears it has become a game like Dungeons and Dragons. The man that works at Home Depot puts on his cape in the evening and becomes an Exorcist! I am hearing of too many events claimed to true, but that have only been seen on the television program, Supernatural. Many people have suddenly decided they are psychic, clairvoyant, or empathic. What does this mean? Empaths are nothing more than normal humans. Unless one is a sociopath, we are all empathic to one extent or another. Truth is, they are nothing special and only play with your mind and emotions. Most claiming to be psychics are labeling themselves as "Readers." What is a reader? They are simply a person that will rehash and tell you what you already know. Clairvoyants are very rare, so few people will claim to be one. Why? Because they must accurately predict the future. Truth! I asked one person why they suddenly realized they are psychic? They explained that another psychic told them so and for $1000 will help them develop their psychic skills. We have people calling themselves exorcists, doctors, Reverends, Bishops and even nuns, not to mention the many criminals hiding in plain sight as investigators. Yes, criminals! Felons and even sexual predators not to forget the recent exposure of a pedophile!

Many investigators are happy to take all those "haunted" items away. People don't realize that have opened their lives to a complete stranger. One that now has reviewed what you own, when you will not be at home and what kind of locks and security you have. The insanity never stops! Ugly dolls have now become demonic, even being sold on Facebook and Ebay! People with purchased computer certificates claim to be demonologists and perform exorcisms or ministers and Reverends, offering religious advice. People that have never encountered a demon are teaching others how to deal with them. I have seen what I consider complete madness. A man who lives his life controlled by a Ouija board and takes it everywhere he goes. A man that gets "EVP's" and believes the static voice he hears is Jesus talking to him! There is no doubt that the entertainment industry has corrupted the true paranormal. Will paranormal ever become serious and realistic again? Sadly I doubt it. Far too many scammers and the people are all too anxious to believe in something and are ripe for the picking. Plus, many creative minds are searching for original fabricated "Boo" factors for TV and movies. If you have read True Haunting, you will read of paranormal without the special effects. After nearly 50 years I have had my fill. Yes there certainly are ghosts, but they are not as entertaining as one might like. So now am now searching for angels!


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