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You have a ghost??????.now what?

Posted by Ed Becker on February 18, 2016 at 10:05 AM

There are many investigation teams that are geared to investigate empty, abandoned or uninhabited properties, but what is the protocol for dealing within family dwellings? I get a number of calls for help where people are bothered and are looking for assistance. In many cases I recommend what I believe to be a professional investigation team, however the end result is not always positive. Far too often a team that is expected to provide assistance is just interested in collecting evidence. They are professional using expensive equipment and basically believe they have accomplished their goal by telling the family that they have a ghost. Then they leave? So they inform the family of something the family already knows? Where is the assistance? I believe teams that deal in situations where live people are involved should be trained to counsel them at least on how to calm things down and how to behave in these conditions. In my book, True Haunting, you will read that this was the primary concern of the priest and psychic that came to our aid 46 years ago. Yes, they confirmed what we already knew, but they also began counseling us how to behave and spiritually combat our situation. This was most important. Every investigation team that responds to situations where people are involved should have a designated person spiritually trained to help the inhabitants, or have a recommendation for seeking such help. Don’t ignore the human factor. Merely collecting evidence and leaving the scene is of no real value to those being tormented by this activity. Put yourself in their shoes. They are confused, frightened and filled with anxiety, so at least be prepared to offer advice and comfort, giving them some shred of hope that the situation can possibly be solved and maybe even eliminated. Think about it. Confirming that they have a strong energy present and then leaving likely increases their fear and feeling of hopelessness. Always consider the living and ask yourself; Are they better off because you were there? I truly hope so.

Edwin F. Becker


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