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Is FaceBook the new Devil's Playground?

Posted by Ed Becker on November 26, 2015 at 8:25 AM


There is no doubt that FaceBook can be a wonderful place to share family moments, keep in touch with old friends, and even make new ones. BUT, who are these new friends.....do you really know? FaceBook and the paranormal community is being overrun by many forms of pure evil. I won't name names, but some will recognize the profiles. There are those with multiple profiles and even phony Facebook photos. There are those that represent themselves as single, but are married. Yes, we have those that are into dark arts that represent themselves as Christians. We have those that summon and create curses. We have those that make up nonexistent events to blatantly steal. We have those that are always soliciting for illnesses and diseases they likely never have or had. We have those that dress as clergy either to deceive, or in mockery of faith. We have the so-called "gifted" who charge for their false services, preying on those that are troubled and in need of direction. We also have groups of people with "special" powers that will see the "special" in you and get you to join their groups or "cults." They will manipulate you just for sick pleasure. We have people that see demons everywhere and will sell you their cure. We have "Healers" that claim to physically heal you, but remember....they have no malpractice insurance. We have some with far too many aliases and criminal backgrounds. We have predators of all shapes and sizes, waiting to intrude into your life. How about an investigation group led by a sex offender? Yes we have it all just waiting to pounce. Lest I forget those that are just bat-shit crazy. They sometimes band together, so if one is exposed, the others attempt to silence the reporter in a true kill the messenger fashion. Just observing that drama brings out the true players. Finally, beware of the complete addiction. FaceBook can be a very wonderful place for social communication, as long as one knows what is lurking just below the surface. Always be aware and take nothing for granted. Believe me I know, as FaceBook as scarred my life in way I will never recover. Edwin F. Becker


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