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Why Death List?

Posted by Ed Becker on July 16, 2010 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (135)

The premise, is that if one has only a short time to live and still functional, that they are immune from the full extent of the law--for a life sentence is meaningless. A group of said people decide to use their limited time exterminating child molestors. Therefore, these flawed Baby Boomers decide to correct the legal 'revolving door' that allows pedophiles to be released on our children repeatedly. They are very aware that 80% of random crimes are never solved.

           The undertone of this novel, is that this is a sin that would not be forgiven. These seniors also reflect their unhappiness in that this world and their lives did not live up to their expectations and that their trusts have been violated; whether by doctors, polititians, police, bankers, or religious leaders. The first book marketing person that read this work said: "It caused me to research my local sex registry and locate all the offenders, for I have two kids."  My hope is that this creates an awarness that this problem is out of control and we should no longer tolerate our legal system allowing this to proliferate, as these heinous criminals can never be cured. As my character said, "100 years ago, we would have hung them without a trial."

       Today, although we know this illness in incurable, we lie to ourselves about possible rehabilitation because we consider ourselves more civilized--or are we just apathetic idiots? Somehow, I think in order to have an honest opinion, you must hold an abused infant in your arms. Should you, you will find  the answer to protecting these children may not be as civilized as one may like. My newest grandchild was adopted as the result of previous abuse. Her story would make you cry, as it did me. Support the agencies that combat this problem!