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               Answers and More!

 I am not out to make people "believers." This is merely our experience. Why people are pursuing the genealogy of our ghosts.....baffles me, since we were never formerly introduced? Who they were, was and always be a mystery.  The exorcist thought them to be demonic. The psychic/medium thought them to be troubled spirits. Since there are other active buildings in the area, a medium also thought them to be the original land owners. Who will ever really know? What I do know is this was the first time the national media took anything paranormal seriously. In fact, it was the birth of televised paranormal.


 True Haunting




1- I did chase after the dogs!


       I have gotten some flack about being uncaring and not putting in the effort to find the dogs.

       I did not feel that writing about the chase with it ending with me being out of breath was that interesting. In an urban setting, by the time I reached the back gate, they were out of sight with 8 different directions they could have gone in. We had no copiers for flyers or local newspapers. We did ask and walk the neighborhood with no success. I felt writing of all my efforts was not worth detailing. Maybe I was wrong!

       BONUS! My first tenant also lost a dog. He bought an Afghan and it was gone within days. It left so fast we never knew it was there! I found this out after he contacted me when he read the book.


2- I did NOT sell the house, I gave it away!!


  I have had comments that I “sold” the house without disclosure?

  The real estate man I GAVE it to, wanted the building ONLY if it were truly haunted. A copy of the transfer deed is contained in the book.

 There was no such thing as "disclosure" in 1971. I could have written "HAUNTED" on the house, and only been laughed at.


3-There was nothing I could do in finding my sister!


   In a major city, with no signs of foul play, in 1971 a missing person report would not even be considered for 3 days. My brother-in-law was doing all he could and knew her friends and places that I was unaware of. There was literally nothing I could do.


4- Did we ever heard Myra's little dog bark?


     We never heard the her dog make a sound. This question had us thinking back and we realized many things. The dog never went out and neither did Myra. How she got groceries or where the dog did its business is a mystery. We never saw her or the dog leave the apartment and never observed a visitor. Even when Myra and I had our "clashes," the dog never acknowledged my presence. Marsha experienced the same.    


5- There is a True Haunting II.


     The “Dave” in my book is really Dan White. When he lived there, I maintained a distant relationship as landlord/tenant. After 41 years, he contacted me and we reconnected as old friends. Friends that experienced an unusual chain of events. When he told me of what actually went on within the first floor, I was stunned. When he related how the ghosts had created such stress it destroyed his marriage, I was shocked. It is worthy of a number of chapters.

     I selfishly wrote the book from my perspective. I have had so many emails asking about Marsha. What did she feel when she saw the building? How did she survive there 24/7? How did she view her skeptical husband?

      So many questions involve how we all survived and recovered, so they deserved to be answered.   


6-What became of Kitty?


       Kitty lived a bit more than 17 years. There simply was no replacing her. We have owned many shelter dogs that have been wonderful and we have a parrot that is nearing 40, but Kitty was unique. 


7- Please Understand the technology of 1970.


               We had no cell phones, nor iPods, nor VCR's, and movie cameras were film, expensive and also needed a huge light bar. NBC's footage was film, as the cameras they used were huge and the lights were everywhere. The footage saved was only a fluke, as NBC Chicago lost it in the archives. 



               IT WAS MADE UP FOR TV.

We can not and will not use the actual names for legal reasons, as we do not have the family's approval, nor would we want to disrupt their life in such a manner.