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You have a ghost??????.now what?

Posted by Ed Becker on February 18, 2016 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (1)

There are many investigation teams that are geared to investigate empty, abandoned or uninhabited properties, but what is the protocol for dealing within family dwellings? I get a number of calls for help where people are bothered and are looking for assistance. In many cases I recommend what I believe to be a professional investigation team, however the end result is not always positive. Far too often a team that is expected to provide assistance is just interested in collecting evidence. They are professional using expensive equipment and basically believe they have accomplished their goal by telling the family that they have a ghost. Then they leave? So they inform the family of something the family already knows? Where is the assistance? I believe teams that deal in situations where live people are involved should be trained to counsel them at least on how to calm things down and how to behave in these conditions. In my book, True Haunting, you will read that this was the primary concern of the priest and psychic that came to our aid 46 years ago. Yes, they confirmed what we already knew, but they also began counseling us how to behave and spiritually combat our situation. This was most important. Every investigation team that responds to situations where people are involved should have a designated person spiritually trained to help the inhabitants, or have a recommendation for seeking such help. Don’t ignore the human factor. Merely collecting evidence and leaving the scene is of no real value to those being tormented by this activity. Put yourself in their shoes. They are confused, frightened and filled with anxiety, so at least be prepared to offer advice and comfort, giving them some shred of hope that the situation can possibly be solved and maybe even eliminated. Think about it. Confirming that they have a strong energy present and then leaving likely increases their fear and feeling of hopelessness. Always consider the living and ask yourself; Are they better off because you were there? I truly hope so.

Edwin F. Becker


Is FaceBook the new Devil's Playground?

Posted by Ed Becker on November 26, 2015 at 8:25 AM Comments comments (2)


There is no doubt that FaceBook can be a wonderful place to share family moments, keep in touch with old friends, and even make new ones. BUT, who are these new friends.....do you really know? FaceBook and the paranormal community is being overrun by many forms of pure evil. I won't name names, but some will recognize the profiles. There are those with multiple profiles and even phony Facebook photos. There are those that represent themselves as single, but are married. Yes, we have those that are into dark arts that represent themselves as Christians. We have those that summon and create curses. We have those that make up nonexistent events to blatantly steal. We have those that are always soliciting for illnesses and diseases they likely never have or had. We have those that dress as clergy either to deceive, or in mockery of faith. We have the so-called "gifted" who charge for their false services, preying on those that are troubled and in need of direction. We also have groups of people with "special" powers that will see the "special" in you and get you to join their groups or "cults." They will manipulate you just for sick pleasure. We have people that see demons everywhere and will sell you their cure. We have "Healers" that claim to physically heal you, but remember....they have no malpractice insurance. We have some with far too many aliases and criminal backgrounds. We have predators of all shapes and sizes, waiting to intrude into your life. How about an investigation group led by a sex offender? Yes we have it all just waiting to pounce. Lest I forget those that are just bat-shit crazy. They sometimes band together, so if one is exposed, the others attempt to silence the reporter in a true kill the messenger fashion. Just observing that drama brings out the true players. Finally, beware of the complete addiction. FaceBook can be a very wonderful place for social communication, as long as one knows what is lurking just below the surface. Always be aware and take nothing for granted. Believe me I know, as FaceBook as scarred my life in way I will never recover. Edwin F. Becker


True Haunting 2

Posted by Ed Becker on July 7, 2015 at 12:45 PM Comments comments (3)


When writing True Haunting, I never imagined a sequel. I believe in nonfiction that the whole story should be told. Instead, my tenant surfaced with untold chapters and I received emails asking about Marsha and how she coped while I was at work. Add to that the fact that I left off the weird tale of my final tenant which I felt did not add much to the original book. All combined, it equals True Haunting 2. I realized that with this additional information a thread of madness and possession took place within the first floor apartment. I also realized that much went on while I was at work and I frankly faced these occurrences with denial. People may not believe that I never interviewed my wife until 40+ years later. Why? Because I really did not want to know about the things that I could not protect her from. When reuniting with my first floor tenant on the set of Paranormal Witness, I was shocked at what I was told about the goings on within that apartment that I was never aware of. In the end, I had a choice. I could rewrite True Haunting into a larger more expensive book, or release a sequel, that I refer to as a companion. I preferred the sequel, as tens of thousands already owned the first book and I could price the True Haunting 2 affordably. I did switch publishers, as my self publisher is now owned and controlled by two traditional publishers that demanded changes, deletions and enhancements. So much for the truth! True Haunting 2, is unaltered with nothing embellished or added. It may or may not contain the 'Boo" factor that commercial publishers enjoy adding, but real paranormal is frightening enough, or at least enough for us! I hope you enjoy it!


True Haunting

Posted by Ed Becker on April 8, 2012 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (28)

Thanks to my readers worldwide, the story this book has brought much attention. So maybe there will be a complete film story one day?? Personally I see the problem that most all entertainment people expect all things paranormal to be horrific. All of us in the paranormal community know differently. A haunting typically begins subtly, and builds taking its toll on your emotions and energies. No demonic beings chasing you around, nor pig heads flying through the air, or blood flowing down the walls. Just the inexplicable occurrences that instill a fear of what is invisible most times, has an energy that cannotbe measured, and an unpredictability that can have you walking on egg shells.Drained of energy from loss of sleep, always vigilant of your surroundings, you begin questioning your sanity. If a movie is ever done, I hope they don't add dancing skeletons. Actually, had I seen dancing skeletons, we would have quickly been sleeping in the car!


True Haunting

Posted by Ed Becker on July 10, 2011 at 1:30 AM Comments comments (11)

I want to say "Thank You" to all my readers. I never expected this would be such a success. Aside from telling our story, I hoped to convey the futility in seeking assistance forty years ago. I also hoped to convey the emotional toll this type of activity can bring. I never expected to have validated so many people who have had similar occurrences. I am now contemplating writing another book made up of stories I have collected. Marsha and I really appreciate the emails of concern which have been overwhelming. To answer the most common question: Yes, the building still exists. It is for sale and has been for some years. I really wonder how many years in the last 40 has it not been for sale? Those that saw his review on Amazon, “Dave” our first tenant contacted me. “Dave” actually could have added another chapter, for much as I never shared in order not to feed his fears, he never shared the routine activity he and his wife experienced before moving out. After living with multiple spirits and maintaining a friendship with an exorcist and a psychic, we know quite a lot about these entities, and I would doubt anyone who considers themselves “experts.” We have only learned enough not to interact with entities that you have literally no control over and whose intentions and strength can vary greatly! Although times have changed and we acknowledge the various phenomena, not a lot has changed as it is still considered a form of entertainment in many cases. We know that ghosts and demons exist. I worry about the people that go about chasing them, because they have no idea what they may actually catch!


Posted by Ed Becker on April 30, 2011 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (2)

This was written simply because I am a grandfather. I mourn the degradation of our culture and society. Despite growing up in a highly dysfunctional childhood and becoming a ward of the state for a time, my life was so much easier than what our children now face. People are not as kind. Simple pleasures are no longer affordable. Broken homes are common. Predators are everywhere as our legal system treats this incurable pedophilia as casually as shoplifting, setting these animals back on the street. There are no longer authority figures to be trusted. What grandparent would not like to take their grandchild back to 1956, a far more innocent age? This is a warm story. It is meant to be nostalgic, though semi-biographical. Yes, the interaction between the grandfather and his grandchildren is one I enjoy. This is a simple tale of time travel, which hopefully will generate some fond memories. There is a reader out there that gave me the ultimate compliment. He wrote me that “he keeps the book on his nightstand and reads the same chapter every night before going to sleep. It simply makes him feel good.” This is one I hope all ages can enjoy.

About Banished

Posted by Ed Becker on March 6, 2011 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (2)

yes, I have actually witnessed a possessed person. Yes, I have known an exorcist and yes, I know the Catholic faith and political inner workings. This is not only a story about an exorcism and demonic confrontation, it is also one with a subtext that reveals many of the evil perils of our current society. I hope that each reader can relate to how simple obsessions can turn evil. I believe demons exist. I also believe that each is different, but in the end has a goal of destruction. Just watch the news and it is far too easy to observe many things that are beyond “human” behavior. The pitfalls of our daily lives make it a challenge to maintain our faith. Although fictional, don’t make the mistake of thinking any part of this story could not be real. Pope Benedict called for recruitment of exorcists worldwide in 2010. This book may allow you to understand why. I hope this warrants a sequel, for the demon in this book is a documented entity and has a brother also documented in demonology that may want revenge. I hope this leaves the reader reinforcing their faith. Read it with the lights on! Blessings!

DeathWalker A real Vampire!

Posted by Ed Becker on July 16, 2010 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (2)

           I wrote DeathWalker over 15 years ago, because I felt [at that time] Vampires were becoming far too weak and sensitive. Look what they have done since! Now they look like they belong on GQ!           

            Something to fear--such as a killer who is controlled by the blood of the living--is something that you cannot reason with. So my Vampire--although capable of emotion--is primarily a killing machine to be fed. Plus,  anyone with a brain for math or a good calculator knows that you can't have them multiplying like rabbits, if they are to exist undiscovered. A valid conservative statistic is that over 300,000 people disappear in the U.S. each year, and only half of these are intentional. Only a few thousand could support a small number of Vampires.

       Yes, my Vampire has a mate; mine can feel love for that mate, and mine can feel revenge. He walks the edge of the population and he is also very hungry.

Why Death List?

Posted by Ed Becker on July 16, 2010 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (1)

The premise, is that if one has only a short time to live and still functional, that they are immune from the full extent of the law--for a life sentence is meaningless. A group of said people decide to use their limited time exterminating child molestors. Therefore, these flawed Baby Boomers decide to correct the legal 'revolving door' that allows pedophiles to be released on our children repeatedly. They are very aware that 80% of random crimes are never solved.

           The undertone of this novel, is that this is a sin that would not be forgiven. These seniors also reflect their unhappiness in that this world and their lives did not live up to their expectations and that their trusts have been violated; whether by doctors, polititians, police, bankers, or religious leaders. The first book marketing person that read this work said: "It caused me to research my local sex registry and locate all the offenders, for I have two kids."  My hope is that this creates an awarness that this problem is out of control and we should no longer tolerate our legal system allowing this to proliferate, as these heinous criminals can never be cured. As my character said, "100 years ago, we would have hung them without a trial."

       Today, although we know this illness in incurable, we lie to ourselves about possible rehabilitation because we consider ourselves more civilized--or are we just apathetic idiots? Somehow, I think in order to have an honest opinion, you must hold an abused infant in your arms. Should you, you will find  the answer to protecting these children may not be as civilized as one may like. My newest grandchild was adopted as the result of previous abuse. Her story would make you cry, as it did me. Support the agencies that combat this problem!